Cranberry Chutney/Pickle

A bright red berry with a tart tangy flavor contains the highest levels of beneficial nutrients when consumed fresh.

Cranberries help prevent and treat urinary tract infections. This native American berry may also prevent the formation of kidney stones, lower LDL and raise HDL (good) cholesterol, aid in recovery from stroke, and even help prevent cancer.

When cranberries' short fresh season (from October through December) is past, rely on cranberry juice and dried or frozen cranberries to help make every day throughout the year a holiday from disease. (source:

This tangy, spicy, red chutney/pickle may be a good substitute for the traditional chintakaye or oosirikaye pachadi from India. Introduced by a friend, I could not figure the main ingredient (was new to America then!). Since these berries are seasonal, I make the base and store it in the fridge and make small quantities with fresh tadka.

1 bag fresh Cranberries
Small lemon sized Tamarind
1½ tsp Red Chili powder
1½ tsp Fenugreek seeds – Menthulu
1 cup Oil
1 tsp Mustard seeds
Few Red Chilies
½ tsp Asetifodia /Hing
Few Curry Leaves

Fry fenugreek seeds in a few drops of oil till nicely roasted. Let cool and make smooth powder.
Wash and air dry cranberries. Rough grind fresh berries with tamarind in a mixee jar.

Take 1 cup oil in a skillet and when hot, add mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves and split red chilies. Then add the ground berries and cook till the paste thickens. Then add salt, fenugreek powder, red chili powder, a pinch of turmeric and mix well. ½ a tsp of brown sugar or jaggery can also be added.
Remove from flame and let cool. Transfer into an air tight jar and store in the refrigerator.

This is a good side dish with rice, dosa’s and upma. It can also be used as a spread on bread or pita bread.

Coconut mango chutney

Half a Coconut
1 sour raw Mango
½ tsp Urad dal – minnapappu
½ tsp Chenna dal – senagapappu
½ tsp Jeera
½ tsp Mustard seeds
A pinch of Fenugreek seeds
2 -3 Red Chilies
3 -4 Green chilies
Few Curry Leaves

Cut coconut into small pieces, wash and drain. Peel and cut mango into small pieces.

Soak tamarind in hot water.

Take 2 tsp of oil in a small skillet and when oil is hot, add urad and chenna dal. Once the dals are fried add jeera, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, hing, red chilies, chopped green chilies and curry leaves. Let cool. Transfer the tadka into a blender jar, leaving oil and some tadka for garnish and curry leaves in the skillet.

Dry grind tadka first. This will make the grinding part easy, after adding coconut the dals will no longer become soft. Then add cut coconut pieces, salt, turmeric, cut mango pieces and very less water to grind to a smooth paste. If mango is not too sour, tamrind can be added. Taste for salt and adjust seasonings.

Empty it into the skillet with oil and mix nicely and transfer contents into a serving bowl.

“Kobbari mavidi pachadi” is a hard core Telugu pachadi/chutney. It can be served with hot rice and a tsp of oil or with upma, dosa or any tiffin items.