White turmeric (Mamidiallam) in lemon juice

A member of ginger family, white turmeric is a rhizome. Its flesh is a lighter than common turmeric; its flavor, however, is not as subtle, and some roots can be quite pungent.

Turmeric is known to be used medicinally for ulcers, parasitic infections, various skin disorders, strains, bruises, inflammation of the joints, cold and flu symptoms, preserving food and as a digestion aid.

This special turmeric is very rare and seasonal. But, I am able to see it regularly in the Indian groceries here. This is a simple dish, where all the properties of the ginger are intact and tastes great at the same time.

¼ lb Mango ginger/ white turmeric - Mamidiallam
5 – 6 Long Green Chilies
Lemon Juice
1 tsp Vammu

Wash and peel ginger as much as you can, it is really difficult to peel it all, leave the rest of it and cut into small pieces. Chop green chilies into small pieces, use enough to suit your taste. I use Cayenne or milder green chilies for relishing the raw taste of the chilies.

In a glass bowl squeeze lemon juice and add chopped green chilies, vammu (raw), salt and turmeric. Add chopped ginger pieces. Mix well and let sit for 1 -2 hrs before serving, by doing this, vegetables will absorb the lemon juice and the seasonings.

This can be used as side dish with rotis and as an accompaniment with dals, curries and rice. Store in an air tight glass bowl, in the refrigerator for up to a week. The citric in the lemon juice will not let it go bad.

Ugadi Subhakanshalu

Vikruti Nama Samvatsara Subhakankshalu.
March 16th 2010

In Sanskrit, Prakruti means "Nature" or "creativity"and Vikruti is "the adnormal state" or "the diseased state" of the body in Ayurveda. So, lets eat well, be healthy and lead a happy life to ward off an evil.

Wishing all my dear friends, family and readers a very happy Ugadi.