Raita - Boondi Raita

2 Onions
1 Tomato
1 small Cucumber
2 Green chilies
3 cups Curd
½ cup Crispy Boondi, Sav or Mixture - Optional

Chop onions, tomato, green chilies into small pieces. Peel and remove seeds from cucumber and cut into small pieces.

Beat curd in a bowl add the above vegetables, chopped coriander. Mix well and store in refrigerator till serving.

Just before serving add the boondi/mixture/sav and coriander and mix well.

If boondi is used : drop the boondi in a bowl of cold water let sit for a minute and immediately strain it and add it in the curd. The excess grease will be removed and it will not absorb the curd and become soggy.

When boondi is added it is called a boondi raita. Then vegetables need not be used. Onion alone will be a good in boondi raita.

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