Gobi Manchuria

Spicy evening snack or a starter before a meal.

1 Cauliflower – cut into small florets
10- 12 Spring Onions - chopped
1 Cup Peppers (red, green) - finely chopped
1 Jalapeno - chopped
2 tsp maida / all-purpose flour
2 tsp corn flour
1/2 tsp rice flour
3 tsp chili paste
2 tsp grated Garlic
2 tsp sliced Ginger
1 tsp Red Chili flakes
2 tsp Soya Sauce
2 tsp White Vinegar
1 tsp Agi-na-moto
3 tsp Tomato sauce/ketchup
1/2 tsp Brown Sugar (optional)

Boil cauliflower florets in water with salt for 6 to 8 minutes on high flame. Drain and keep aside.
(Or Cauliflower florets can be dipped in flour base and fried in oil)

Take 4 tsp of oil in a low bottom non-stick skillet and add sliced/chopped garlic, ginger, jalapeno, the white part of spring onions and peppers. Stir fry on high flame till they are nicely done.

In a small bowl mix maida, cornflour, rice flour with some water and add to the skillet. Then add chili paste, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, agi-na-moto, brown sugar and ketchup/sauce, the greens of the spring onions and fry for a few minutes.

Taste for salt and seasonings can be adjusted according to taste. Add 1 - 2 tsp of water according to the thickness/consistency of the base.

Now add the boiled cauliflower and mix gently without disturbing the shape of the florets.

Garnish with the chopped spring onion greens and coriander leaves.

This is a good evening snack or a starter, good as is or as a side dish with breads or Basmati rice.

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