Mango - The King of Fruit!

Exotic tropical fruit, Mango, is called the King of fruit owing to the delicious quality and it's richness in vitamins and minerals. The mango is indigenous to the Indian Sub-continent and the love affair with this velvety fruit needs no special mention.

A ripe mango is sweet, with a unique taste that varies from variety to variety, size and color. When ripe, the unpeeled mango will smell fairly fruity on the stem end. In its center is a single flat oblong seed that can be fibrous.

Good-quality Mangoes will yield slightly to gentle pressure when ripe.A mango should have a shelf life of 1 to 2 weeks. The best way to ripen a mango is at room temperature, on the kitchen counter and if you wish to accelerate the process place in a paper bag overnight.

Mango is one of the most extensively exploited fruits for food, its juice, flavor; fragrance and color make it a common ingredient in more foods.

Eaten as a dessert fruit, which can be eaten as is, or in a fruit salad, they are also used to produce juice, jam or jelly and ice cream.

Mango lassi -mango pulp mixed with fresh yogurt and cream is a very popular drink.
Mango fruit bar - Mamidithandra (dried and layered thick mango juice) is an all time special for Telugu people. These day’s something similar to it is available as dried mango peels.

Pieces of mango can be mashed and used as a topping on ice cream or blended with milk and cream, ice as milkshakes and smoothies.

Nutritional Profile

This fruit is high in dietary fiber, Vitamin C and has essential nutrients such as potassium, copper and amino acids.

The edible mango peel has considerable value as a source of fiber and antioxidant pigments.

Can we have an ant guard a Mango?!

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