Mr. Nutmeg

Our weekend, turned out to be eventful(for my kids).Our daughter has been begging/pleading for a pet since a long time. She is basically an animal lover. She started with dogs and finally came down to rodents.

We brought home a Hamster. She named him Nutmeg for his color and couldn't get enough of him.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, that sleep during the day and are active and awake at night. They are vegetarians and can be fed carrot, lettuce, cherries etc.

My kids fought over where He should be placed and finally my daughter convinced my son, that he is a sensitive sleeper and hamsters like to "Exercise" on their wheel during nights, she promised he can visit Nutmeg in her room when ever he feels like it.

I cannot believe we have a rat at home(she does not like it when I say that) but since she is in charge and it does not smell and make noise, I can live with it!


Raj said...

Nice, would like to see more updates from Mr Nutmeg.

Hows the nocturnal being affecting y'alls day

Uma. said...

Nutmeg seems to have settled in the house. He is learning to excecise on the wheel but, is still afraid to go through the tunnels. He is sleeping in his favorite corner everytime I check on him during the day.

Lakshmi said...


cute hamster
i have a hamster too and he looks a lot like yours!!!!!!!!!!!!
and with the whole nocturnal critter i am a deep sleeper so i cannot hear him as much.
Can we see more updates about the little guy!!!!

Anonymous said...

cute hamster :)
i have one just like yours!!!
can we see more updates on him please!!!!!
See ya!!!