Instant Rava Dosa

This is an ideal item for those days when we have to question ourselves "What's for lunch/dinner?". An instant dosa that can be mixed up using regular flours and that needs no fermentation. A dosa carving that can be fulfilled Instantly! So, measure up the flours and get ready to use your hands - a trick that works with this dosa!
1 cup Rice flour
1 cup Bombay rava - Sooji
1/2 cup All purpose flour - Maida
1/2 tsp Pepper powder
1 tsp jeera
5 -6 Green Chilies
1" Ginger
Few Curry Leaves

Chop green chilies and ginger into small pieces. Cut curry leaves also into small pieces. Roughly ground pepper or whole pepper corns can also be used according to preference.

Mix all the above things in a vessel and add salt. Using your hand squeeze the essence of the ginger and chilies and add water liberally, mix the batter till the consistency of light butter milk is reached. Batter is ready to be made into dosa's, no fermentation is required.

Ideal to use a dosa/pancake griddle. Dosa pan also be used, clear the stove top of all other items and heat a dosa pan.

Using your hand, take handfuls and sprinkle on a hot skillet gently, filling the whole pan, cover holes lightly. Pour 2 tsp of oil or ghee around the dosa and in the middle and leave for a couple of minutes to roast. There would be no need to turn the dosa on the other side.

I would like to share a trick my sister told me years ago with dosa's and pan's. Use a wet paper towel to wipe the pan real clean after removing each dosa before the next one. Don't have to grease the pan before pouring the batter, add a tsp of oil after it has settled on the pan. It has worked for me all these years, see if it works for you.

Imagine dosa in 3 parts, fold the first and 3rd part on to the middle part and remove from the pan.

If you feel the dosa has come a little thick, add some more water and try again.

This dosa does not need a side dish. Fresh curd with salt, lemon juice and coriander would be a good side dish.


Rama Subbu, NJ said...

Came through BlogChai site. interesting and simple dishes. keep it up madam.

Uma. said...

Thank you Rama Subbu.

RK said...

Dosas look good and crunchy!