Potato Cutlets

Pan roasted potato cutlets.
4 Potatoes
2 Onions
3 Green Chilies
2” Ginger
1 tsp Whole Dhania
½ tsp Red Chili Powder
½ tsp Cumin - Coriander Powder
¼ tsp Pepper Powder
4 Bread slices
4 tsp of Bread crumbs

Boil potatoes with salt. Peel and mash them well.

Add chopped onions, green chilies, grated ginger, coriander, red chili powder, cumin-coriander powder, pepper powder, whole dhania and salt.

Place bread slices under running tap water for 10 seconds and gently squeeze the excess water.

Squeezing it with fingers mix it in the potato base. Make small lemon size balls and place them on the palm and flatten it. Take dry bread crumbs in a flat plate and roll the flattened potato cutlet in them covering all the sides thoroughly.

Heat oil in a kadai (I personally prefer a traditional concave shape kadai for maximum usage of space with less oil) and never let the oil be screaming hot! It burns the first batch.

Pick each piece, rolled in a plate of bread crumbs and gently drop in oil. Let then fry for a few seconds and keep turning back and forth so it will not burn.

Once they all turn golden yellow, it’s time to remove from the oil. Place them on paper towels so the excess oil is absorbed.


Place the rolled cutlets on a hot pan, add oil and cook on medium flame till both sides are toasted nicely. A whole batch can be done at the same time.

Follow pan roasting when using for cutlet chat to avoid the excess oil.

Serve with Ketchup, tamarind or mint chutney.


Alisa@Foodista said...

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Jean Hwang said...

Wow...this is yummy, I like it and thanks for the recipe...cheers

Uma. said...

Hey Jean, Thank you. Try it out, let me know how it turned out. Good Luck.

Uma. said...

Hey Alisa, it's an honour. You have a wonderful weekend too.

Raj said...

Can I get a few of those cutlets please. Will pay for shipping :)

Uma. said...

Visit me Bro.

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u made me hungry all of sudden! not fair :)

Uma. said...

Hey Sia, Thank you for stopping by. I am a silent follower of your site. Your photography bowls me over. I am sure you are cooking up something that's going to make a LOT of people hungry. Please visit when possible.

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Chilli said...

Yum..I love potato cutlets! Thanks for visiting my website. You have yummy recipes here!!

Uma. said...

Glad to know someone out there loves spicy food. Thankx for stopping by.