Strawberry Picking

Kick started the picking season with Strawberries. We were the first ones on the farm, this Sunday morning, and got hold of the very best! My kids were very excited about picking, they both love Strawberries and both looked for the Perfect Strawberry, color and shape wise!

We picked all the fruit we laid hands on brought home a good 13 pounds of Strawberries. It is quite a lot of fruit, with such less shelf life, but could not part with any after hand picking each one of them.

We went to Melicks farm on Old Wick Road, Old Wick, NJ.

Long lines of strawberry plants, they are runners.

In the farm market I found "Marovam", the sweet scented herb which we used while making flower mala with jaji and kanakambaram flowers. I hope it grows well on my deck in a pot.

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