Whole Moong Dal Sprouts Salad

My mom used to make all sorts of things with sprouts as snack, after we came back from school. It also doubled as an healthy snack for my dad, who has been Diabetic for long time. She used to make variations by serving raw, sometimes cooking, sauteing etc. This is one of my favorite. But, we cannot just decide and eat. It needs sprouting time. Can be made in abundance and stored in an airtight box in the refrigerator for future use.

Green moong dal sprouts in a muslin cloth.

1 cup raw Whole Green Moong Dal - Green Pesallu
Few Raw Green Mango pieces
Few Carrot pieces
1 Green chili - Optional
Red Chili flakes
Lemon juice

Soak moong dal over night. Drain the water and tie them in a dry muslin cloth and place in a warm place (or in the oven) for 2 - 3 days without opening the cloth. In 2 -3 days small shoots come out and good sprouts are ready.

Sprouted dals are very good nutritionally than the same soaked dal.

Peel mango, carrot and cut into small pieces. Chop green chili and coriander. In a bowl, mix the sprouts, mango pieces, green chili, coriander, salt and red chili flakes. Fresh cucumber can also be used. Add lemon juice and mix well. Adjust taste according to personal likes.

A refreshing, guilt free snack or salad. Eat as is on a rainy day (like it is here today) for an evening snack.

Chopped onions and roasted peanuts can also be added to the salad.


Raj said...

This looks very healthy and tasty.

Uma. said...

Yes, it does. Should try it out.