Cherry Picking

Our weekend trip to Terhune Orchards for Cherry Picking. They had 23 varieties of cherries.
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This is the first time we went cherry picking. It rained so heavily, but we did not cancel the program anyways. The trip was so worth it! Don't know what I was thinking, about how to pick the fruit in rain but, I was so glad to see the cherry trees under a white artificial shade. With so many varieties to choose from, we plucked a few from each variety. There were red, maroon, orange, yellow and different shades of red cherries.


Gramma& Grampa DeVault said...

welcome to foodie!, I love the pictures of the cherries, I make a killer cherry pie check it out

RK said...

Those cherries look gooooood!

Uma. said...

Hey Gramma and Grampa, Thank you for visting my blog. I would love to try your pie. Will let you know how it turned out. Thank you again.

Thanks Bro.