Nutmeg - An update.

Update on Nutmeg...

Nutmeg has been good. He is enjoying the company and attention of my kids and waits for them to visit him.

Poor fellow is very busy during the night and sleeps all day. When I check on him during the day, he is too lazy to open both his eyes!

One day he had a "Nutmeg's night out" and scared us all. My son filled his water bottle and probably forgot to lock his cage that night. The next morning, I got up to my daughter's shrieks to find out that Nutmeg was missing. All of us searched everywhere, so I started calling out "Nutmeg" his name. I saw something move from the corner of my eye and turned around to see his peeping out of my daughter's closet. She was happy she found him, put him back in him box and went to school happy. We wondered all the places he explored that night! So, his night out. Now we know he knows his name and responds when called his name.

Other than his nuts he has been eating sliced carrots, cabbage and lettuce. Today we gave him a cherry and boy, he was very happy to try new food!

Nutmeg in his strolling /exercise ball.
He loves to be in this ball and explores each and every corner of the house. We are not scared anymore that he may get stuck under furniture or in vents when he is in the ball.

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