Traditional Andhra sweet, a must for special occasions and festivals. There are two kinds of boorelu, one with pesarappu filling and the other with senagapappu filling. Pesarappu and sugar go well and senagappu and jaggery go well. The second is basically Bobbatullu - Puranpoli filling.
Pesarappu filling is a very light and tastes well. The procedure looks lengthy but, there is nothing that can actually go wrong with this method. So have fun preparing and enjoy!
For the filling:
2 cups Moonga dal - Pesarappu
1 cup freshly grated Coconut
1 tsp Elachi powder
2 cups Sugar

For the covering:
1 cup Minnappu - Urad dal
1/4 cup Raw Rice

For people trying it for the first time, I would advice you have more of the covering batter just in case. Mix minnappu and rice and soak in water for 2 hrs. Drain and grind to a smooth paste using as less water as possible. Keep aside.

Soak pesarappu for 1 hr in water. Grind to smooth batter using less water. Pour the batter in the idli stand trays (like idli) and steam cook for 15 minutes on high and 5 minutes on low flame. Remove the batter idli's and let cool for 5 minutes.

Grate coconut and keep aside. Measure sugar keep aside. Have the elachi powder ready.

I have tried and tested other methods, but by following this method, you will have fluffy stuffing inside.

Depending on the quantity you are making, divide the idlis and sugar in equal ratio. In a mixer jar add one quantity of idli's (say 4) and add one ratio of sugar and dry grind briskly till the idli and sugar mix well, repeat the process for all, transfer into a bowl. The consistency of the filling will be same. Then add grated coconut and elaci powder to the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Make medium sized balls using wet palms, press hard inot a tight ball so that they do not fall apart. Make all the balls ready before you start frying.

Now, rice and urad dal can be made into a semi thick batter (to the consistency of bajji batter). Do not use too much water. Empty into a wide bowl and add water if the batter is too thick.

Take a low bottom kadai and add oil to it. When oil is hot enough drop about 7 - 8 dal balls into the batter (enough for 1 batch) roll the ball in the urad/rice batter
and drop it gently into the oil. Repeat the process for all in the batch. Do not disturb them immediately. After 2 -3 minutes move them gently. Sometimes they attach to each other like a cluster, do not try to remove them, they will get fried in spite of sticking to each other.

Turn them on the other side and fry till they are golden yellow. Remove them and place them on a paper towel for the excess oil to be absorbed.

Follow the same procedure for all of them. If you have the covering batter left over, it can be made into dosa, rotti or add onions and fry them like fritters.

Serve them warm. If you would like to eat it traditionally, make a hole in it with your litter finger, add warm ghee and enjoy!

Store them in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.
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