Sri Varalakshmi Vratam Preparation

With Sri VaraLakshmi vratam coming up, if you are like me, first I will have the audio of the puja/vratam ready. I will have a satisfaction that someone is reading out while I am doing the puja.

I did my groceries today. Vegetables and other items are for everyday use. Main items for Friday are coconuts, betal leaves, flowers and fruit. I have been plucking "ready to bloom" mandara buds since Monday and saving in an air tight box for Friday.

Tomorrow, I have to take out my "vendi samagri" for the puja and polish them once.

Odd number of dishes must be performed for the naivedyam. Starting from 1, 3, 5 or 9.
I prepare a list of the food items I want to prepare and strike them off as I complete each one of them.

Pulagam is ammavari preethi, so that's one and most easiest of all. Pulihara, paravanam and dadojanam in the next category. They form as a full meal on a special day. That's 4 items with rice already.

Next for fried items, cabbage pakodi and pototo bajji.

If I soak urad dal, straight away I will have 3 items, garelu, perugu garelu and thepi garelu.

But if I want to make boorelu, then I will make chitiboorelu/karam boorelu and using the bajji batter and make mirchi bajji. Not able to decide which ones to pick.

For maha navaidayam : rice, mudda pappu, vankaye kura, charu, tomato pachadi and fresh curd. I keep this very simple when we do not have guests over for lunch/dinner on that day.

Don't forget to soak vayinam senagalu overnight to give "Vayinam" to friends and family who come to see "ammavaru".
If you would like to read the vratha vidhanam and kadha for your self :

Listen to BrahmaSri Sankaramanchi RamaKrishna Sastri gari vratha vidhanam at:

Sankalpam for people in the East Coast of America:

Mama upaatha durithakshaya dwara sri parameswara preethyartham aadya Brahmanaha dwithiyaparardhe swethavaraha kalpe vyvaswitha manvantharae kaliyuge prathama paadey Krouncha dveepe Ramanaka varshe Aindra khande Prasaantha Saagare Pushkara Kshetra Meroh Uttare Paarswa digbhage Thurpu Amerikaayaam asmin varthamana vyvaharika chandramaanena *** naama samvatsarae Dakshinayane Varsha rhuthau Sravana maasey Shukla Pakshey *** thithau Brugu vaasarey Varalakshmi Vaasarey subha nakshatrae subha yogae subha karana yevam guna visheshana visishtaayaam subha thithau *** sri matyaha *** name *** Gotravathyaha sabhatrukayah asmaakam saha kutumbaanaam kshema, sthairya vijaya ayurarogya aishwaryabhi vrudhyardham dharmartha kaama moksha chaturvidha phala purushartha sidhyartham satsanthaana sowbhaghya phala vyapthardhyam srivaralakshmee devatha muddhisyae sri varalakshmi devatha preetyardham karpoktha vidhanena yavathshakti dhyanaavahanaadhi shodashopachaara poojaam karishye thadanga sri mahaaganapati poojam karishye thadanga kalasa poojaam karishye.

For the year 2009 it is:
Sri Virodhi nama samvatsaram
Dasami thidi , Anuradha nakshtram
Your name and gotram


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