Hello friends and readers,
If you wondered why they were no updates on my blog, I was away on a vacation with my family to the Sunshine State. We went on a road trip all the way from New Jersey. It was a long drive, but was worth it. Roads and free ways of the Carolina's and Georgia were a pleasure to drive on.
It was quite a wonderful trip....

The weather was very co-operating and gave us an opportunity to see a lot of places in Orlando. Beaches, theme parks, race tracks and resorts were filled with people from all over the place. We had consumed "Orange" in some form for every meal of the day it goes without saying how sweet and perfect they were! I vouch for "An Orange State."

I have to mention here that Disney brings out the child in us. It's so magical that it lets us dream beyond our imagination. If you believe hard enough dreams do come true! An opportunity to celebrate childhood with our children and hold on to sweet memories for ever.

I am back to reality now, so, please check for regular updates on the blog! :)


RK said...

Welcome back, FLORIDA is amazing in any part of the year!

Anonymous said...

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Uma. said...

Thank you Bro.

Uma. said...

Thank you Sarah for stopping by.