Saggubiyam Vadiyalu

2 cups Rice flour
1 cup Sabudana - Saggubiyam
3 tsp Chili-ginger-coriander paste
1 tsp Jeera
1/4 tsp Food colouring - Optional
1 Lemon

Cook saggubiyam with 1:2 ratio water in pressure cooker. It is easier and we want it completely cooked. Remove, keep aside.

In a large vessel take 1:7 ration water to each cup of rice flour and bring to boil. Then add jeera, salt and Chili-ginger-coriander paste and mix well. Take a taste and add accordingly. Food colouring can be added at this time.

Take rice flour in a vessel and add enough water about (1:2)and mix well. We have to add rice flour to the boiling water and if it is not done well, lumps to rice flour are formed and it will not cook evenly. By mixing in water and stirring into the hot water slowly, it makes the job much easier.

Cook on medium heat till bubbles pop up and then add the cooked saggubiyam and mix well. Keep stirring from the bottom of the vessel so that the bottom does not burn. Remove from the flame once bubbles pop up.

Let cool for half hr and then add lemon juice and mix well. Do not close the lid when hot, vapour will settle down. Cover with a paper napkin for a while and then put the lid on.

Prepare this during the day and let it sit over night. It will settle down and thicken.

Lay out a polythene cover where there is plenty of sunshine. Take hand fulls of the dough in your hands and drop them in small "drops". Use a spoon if you are not comfortable to use your hand. Once they dry they become very light and when fried they puff up and become bigger.

2 to 3 days of good sunshine is enough for drying them. Once they are dry, they come off from the cover by them selves.

Store in an air tight container, no expiration date, can be used all thought the year.

Enjoy as side dish with rice or a spicy snack with tea/coffee.

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