Vinakaya Chavithi Prasadam

A Very Happy Vinayaka Chavithi to all my readers. Here I am giving an easy method where both undrallu and kudumullu can be prepared parallely. Broken rice flour can be made the previous night to speed things up on the day of puja.

5 cups Raw Rice
1 cup Chenna dal
Grated Coconut
½ tsp Elachi powder
1 cup Jaggery

Dry grind rice in a mixer till the consistency of sooji(rava) is reached. Sieve the flour so that the very fine rice flour is separated. Measure the amount of broken rice flour and keep aside. This rice flour can be saved and used in cooking.

Soak chenna dal in hot water for 30 - 45mins. Cook on stove top or in a microven with salt and water. Drain and keep aside.

In a non stick skillet, dry fry grated coconut till it changes to golden yellow. Then add finely cut jaggery and elachi powder and mix till it comes together for 5 – 6 minutes on high flame. Remove from flame and when you can handle the heat, wet your palms and make small balls. These can be eaten as it, are called kobbari undallu. Keep aside.

In a non stick vessel bring 1 : 2.5 ratio water to the broken rice flour to boil. Turn the flame to low, add salt and 1 tsp jeera and slowing add the broken rice flour stirring in thoroughly. Let cook in medium flame stirring occasionally till bubbles appear on the top. Remove and let it settle down. Do not cool it too much.

Divide into 2 parts. Remove one part in a bowl and add the cooked chenna dal and mix well. Wet your palms and make round balls. Make the balls ready before steaming them.

Place them in the idle trays, about 2 or so in each hole, load the idle stand and steam cook on high flame for 15 minutes and on medium flame for 5 – 7 minutes. Let cool and remove gently. These are called undrallu.

With the other half of the cooked rice flour make small balls, flatten on the palm and place a coconut ball in the middle, using both hands and water as required press the dough and tighten it.

Repeat the steaming process with the idle stand for the kudumullu also.

Spicy magai pachadi or any pachadi of choice will be a good side dish with undrallu.

That is my father in the picture ready to start the puja, admiring the mandap set up. Photo courtesy my brother again.


RK said...

Very nice, ready for the pooja!

Uma. said...

I am very sorry to say, we will not be performing pooja at home this year, we are off to Florida. But, I will cook prasadam after I return.