Cabbage and Potato Allamkaram

1 Medium Cabbage
2 Potatoes
Chili-Ginger-Coriander Paste
Few Curry Leaves

Grind green chilies, ginger and coriander into a smooth paste.

Peel and cut potatoes into cubes.

Chop Cabbage very finely.

Take 3 tsp of oil in a skillet and make tadka with ½ tsp urad dal, ½ tsp chenna dal, mustard seeds, jeera, hing and curry leaves. Then add potato cubes and stir fry for a few minutes, then add chili-ginger-coriander paste and fry for a few minutes. Then add chopped cabbage, salt and turmeric and let cook in medium flame.

Cabbage gives out its water first and shrinks, then, immediately turn the flame to high and stir fry for a few seconds and remove from flame.

Potatoes can also be boiled in micro oven with salt and water and can be added after cabbage is half cooked. This is just a matter of convenience and time.

Taste for salt and seasonings, can be adjusted to suite your taste.

This is a good side dish with rice and rotis.

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