Magai : Mango Pickle - Photo Tutorial

Magai is an Andhra pickle done with raw mangoes during summer. This pickle has a shelf life up to a year if done well and not touched with wet hands.

I used 3 raw green mangoes. Wash and wipe the mangoes and air dry them for an hour before using so that they do not have moisture left on them.

Peel the mango and make thin slices using a peeler. Peel around the hard seed and discard the shell. In a glass jar mix them with 1 cup salt and 2 tsp turmeric. Let sit in the oven or in a warm place for 2 - 3 nights.

Using a drainer, separate the mango slices and the juice(oota).

Dry them in sunlight, spreading the mango slices in a basin/plate and the juice in the vessel.

Dry till the mango becomes dry and juice is concentrated for about 2- 3 days.

Get the spices ready to mix the pickle.(Procedure in the blog- Magai)

Throughly mix and let all spices soak in oil for a day or 2.

Mix with rice and oil and enjoy!

Make this and bye-bye to store bought pickles. A good side dish with plain rice and curd rice.

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