Bajji - Fritters

A fritter is any kind of food coated in batter and deep fried. A variety of fritters (Potato, Plantain, Onion, Brinjal, Chili etc)to be fried in a wok and eaten as snacks. Fritters are extremely popular as road side snacks all over India.
All memeories of Vizag beach gushed out when I was posting the Bhel mix blog and there was a rumble in my tummy for bajji's. Why? you may wonder! Cause along with the bhel mix the vendors had stuffed bajji also on their tables. Each bajji was 50paise, but all worth it!

2 Potatoes
2 scoops Besan - Senagapindi
1/4 scoop Rice flour
Chili-Ginger paste
1/4 tsp Red Chili Powder
1/2 tsp Vammu

Peel the skin of the vegetable and cut into thin slices and place them in water.
When lemon juice is added to water it reduces the oxidation of potatoes. This will help keep the color of the vegetable intact.

Mix besan, rice flour and chili-ginger paste, salt and vammu thoroughly with water. Batter should have semi solid consistency.

Heat oil in a kadai (I personally prefer a traditional concave shape kadai for maximum usage of space with less oil) and never let the oil be screaming hot! It burns the first batch.

Drop a spoon of hot oil in the mixture; this will make the fried item light. A pinch of cooking or baking soda can also be used.

Make sure to wipe the water of the vegetable. Place slices of vegetable required for 1 batch in the batter. This will quicken the process of placing in the oil before the ones in the oil will over fry.

Pick and dip each piece of vegetable in the batter and gently drop in oil. Keep turning back and forth so it will not burn.

Once they all turn golden yellow, it’s time to remove from the oil. Place them on paper towels so the excess oil is absorbed.

The same procedure can be used for onion, brinjal and plantain/aritikaye(raw banana).

Serve by themselves or with chutney of choice or ketchup.

Chop onion and coriander very finely, add salt, red chili flakes and mix with lemon juice. Slit the fried bajji's and stuff them with this mixture. These are stuffed bajji's.

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