This time of the year with the onset of summer it is a good-bye for yet another year at school.

Yesterday we attended the graduation ceremony of my daughter. Well, she graduated middle school. I was touched and moved by the nostalgia in the air. A student had written a poem on the good times they had, things they learnt, friendships they made along and memories they will hang on to.

The Principal congratulated the kids on a job well done and stressed the importance of Respect, Responsibility and Friendship, the reality with a pinch of salt, caution in the air, BE CAREFUL she said; “You steer yourself!”

She read a poem by Dr. Seuss,“Oh! The Places you’ll Go”, very inspirational and perfect for the situation. On our way home, bought her a copy, an Ideal Graduation present!

Please follow the link for the poem:

I remembered that very hot day in March, when we had to say good-bye to the school which I have been going to all my life, which has almost become my 2nd home, with known faces and where my friends are. We were taking and signing off autographs; “Good Luck for your future”, “Keep in touch”, “Follow your Dreams” etc. We must have cried our eyeballs out that day. We hung on to the gates, till we were asked to leave very politely.

I visit my School whenever I go to my home town. It has changed a lot over the years, but still stands strong and majestic there like always. My School!

Probably, sometimes I must have thought if the school life will ever get over with, but 12 yrs of school education passed in a hurry, I did not pay attention when people said “What is the hurry to grow up? Now, are the best times you will cherish in life!”

I am proud to say that I am in touch with my BFF’s from childhood. Those friendships are pure and complete. Seen and shared life all along, no room for judgments and egos. You know Who you are, Thank you for being there for me. I am proud of my school, instrumental in making ME. For all the values and discipline it instilled in us from childhood. One day, they made all take an oath, “Never to use Curse words and Never to Lie”, It has made such an impact on me that I am scared of them even today.

With each year, a child grows, with the tools they need, to face a promising tomorrow and like the little Engine that said;”Yes I can “, follow their dream to a bright future.

While destination is important, journey must be enjoyed. It is probably a common thing for parents to instill a sense of urgency and competitiveness in their kids to excel in their academics from this tender age but at the same time I believe it should also be their responsibility to push them the extra step in making new friends and having fun in whatever they do, which, will ultimately help them Treasure a lifetime of memories!

Looking forward to a New Chapter: a High School Student, A Freshman, A Teenager and most importantly the formation years in my daughter's Life.

Good Luck to all the Graduates!


RK said...

Congrats on the Graduation, I see you went down the memory lane and still treasure your old times.

Hopefully your daughter is summing up a lot of them to cherish later.

Indira said...

Congratulations to your daughter on the Graduation and congrats to the proud parents! It must be a very special day for your family.

Vijaya said...

That is very touching...... Thanks for making us all so Nostalgic!!! I feel we are all still in rush with our lives, won't spare a moment to go back into our memory lanes... before I forget and get lost into my memories, "congrats" on your daughter's graduation!

Uma. said...

I am a frequent flier down the memory lane! I keep my memories fresh by sharing with my kids as a situation unfolds.

Hey Bro, Thank you. She had written her own experiences so far, to treasure for later years.

Hi Indira, Thank you for stopping by. It indeed was a special day.

Hello Vijaya, What I did with my family so far, blogging made me share my experiences with you all.

Thank you all for your wishes.

Raji said...

your post made me very nostalgic, made me to remember about my school, my friends, teachers, classrooms , varanda, the school well, and everything.I miss all that very much..It's a special feeling now each time I pass the way to school now when we go to India..Last time when I visited India, I visited my Dh's school without him, it was nice as he had told me about his school.

You have a fabulous blog and very touching writing skill..I am going to try the 'avakkai' recipe soon

Thank you for visiting me...

Uma. said...

Thank you Raji.
I have the same special feeling. Btw, you have a green thumb and a beautiful garden.
I am so gald you are doing what you like and enjoying your country home and life there!