Vankaye bandapachadi - Brinjal Pachadi

This is called “banda pachadi” as it is usually done in a stone motor as it just needs rough grinding.

3 Medium Italian Eggplants - Brinjals
3 - 4 Green Chilies
Small lemon sized Tamarind
Few Curry Leaves
Bunch Coriander

Wash and wipe eggplants. Spray PAM all over the egg plant and evenly spread using fingers. Place Aluminium foil in the burner slot so, clean up will be easier. The water in the eggplant will cook and drip down. Roast on medium/low flame, turning on all sides. Remove let cool and peel the skin and discard. Transfer the soft flesh into a bowl.

Take 4 tsp of oil in a skillet and make tadha with 1 tsp urad dal, 1 tsp chenna dal, few mustard seeds, jeera, hing and 4 – 5 whole red chilies, few curry leaves. Chop green chilies and add to the skillet and then add chopped coriander, tamarind and fry for a few minutes. A combination of red chilies of green chilies is taste very nice in this pachadi, also use coriander liberally. Suit your taste.

Dry grind tadka in a mixer jar and then add salt, turmeric and grind again. Finally add the brinjal flesh and rough grind briskly without making it too mushy.

Serve with rice and oil.

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