2 cups Rice flour
1.5 cups Grated Jaggery
1 tsp Elachi Powder
3 tsp Ghee
Oil to fry
Wash rice thoroughly and soak overnight. For better quality, rice can be soaked for a 2nd day also. In that case, change water after 8 hrs.

Drain water and spread rice on a cloth for a half hour, make sure that the rice is not dripping wet.

Make fine flour in a mixee and sieve to make sure no grains are left behind and set aside. The flour should be slightly damp.

Add half cup of water to grated jaggery and bring to boil in a skillet. Initially it will be foamy, but will settle as it is stirred. To check if done, add a few drops to cold water in a plate and if it can be rolled over or made into a ball, it has reached the right consistency. Filter syrup to remove any unwanted particles from jaggery (avoid if using clear jaggery).

Turn the flame to low and add rice flour to the syrup slowly and stirring well, making sure no lumps are formed. Stir till a dough consistency is reached. Remove from flame and bring to room temperature or when the dough can be handled with hand, make small lime sized balls with it and place them on rice flour to avoid sticking to each other and to the plate.

Pat each ball with fingers into a thin, round and flat circle on aluminum foil and dab it with a few sesame seeds (optional).

Fry in batches in oil on low flame till golden yellow and remove. Squeeze between flat ladles or by using paper towels to drain the excess oil. Add the excess oil back to the frying pan. Ideally there is an Ariselu presser with 2 claws, when each Arise is pressed with it, excess oil drips out immediately. Or squeeze with paper towels.

Repeat the process till the dough is over or store in a Ziploc bag for a quickie for future use.

When cool store them in an air tight container. Ariselu last for more than two weeks.

I do not want to scare anybody potentially who want to try this out. It is a lengthy process, but the end product is rewarding. The key to making good ariselu are 3 things.
1. To make damp rice flour. That is easy when followed the right procedure.
2. To make the right consistency jaggery syrup. Take the test, of dropping in cold water to make sure. Basically "letha pakam" or tender syrup consistency should be reached. This is the key to good ariselu.
3. Last, while frying, fry in low/medium heat and remove when changes color, too much frying will make it very crispy and hard.
So, good luck!

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Ariselu recipe chala bavundi, detailed ga ichharu. Thank you. I ll try for sankranthi.