Roasted Corn

Sunday we went to a beautiful Botanical Gardens in our county. It was not a planned trip and so, I did not have my camera and hence no pictures. But on our way back, we stooped by a road side farm for some fresh corn. The maze was not open for public picking yet.

Corn on the cob takes me to memories of childhood. I could never figure the reason I wanted to go to the beach as a child, love of the water or eat corn and bhel mix from the road side vendors. Anyways, I have to mention here that Vizag had the best beaches. They were many, VUDA park, RK Beach, Bhimili, Rishikonda, Harbour were the few we used to visit a lot with our family, friends and as field trips and excursions with our class from the School.

I must say, trips to the beaches are a perk for living in Vizag. I miss those things here, least we have beaches around us, but, with some driving and hassles of parking.

So, for now I will reminisce my memories and enjoy a summer afternoon with roasted corn ears.

Corn grows in "ears," each of which is covered in rows of kernels that are then protected by the silk-like threads called "corn silk" and encased in a husk.

Remove the husk roast the corn on medium/slow flame turning them frequently on all sides.

Take 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp red chili powder in a bowl, squeeze some lemon juice and mix well. Using a half of a lemon apply/coat the corn with the spice mix. Enjoy while it is warm.

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