Chamadumpa Fry - Arbi

Arbi or sometimes called as Arvi is the Taro root vegetable. It is extensively used in South Asia. It is called as Chamadumpa in Telugu.

It is cooked just like a potato but it’s skin is not edible. After peeling it’s skin, the vegetable could be used in a variety of dishes. The crispy outside and soft and melt-in-your-mouth inside roasted fry is simply irresistible.

I have a small story to share about this vegetable here. After his marriage, on a trip to "Kasi" my father "left" this vegetable in a ceremony by the Ganges. It is like he has given up all together on that particular thing for the rest of his life. For people who did not understand what all this is about, there is a ceremony by the Ganges in Kasi where they have to let go of a favourite thing, like an "arpanam" - giving to Ganges. My dad's favorite growing up was Chamadumpallu. He Left that without a second thought. The point I want to make here is, we never saw that vegetable growing up, leave alone taste it. Even my aunts and others knowing that my dad will not eat it never used to make it around us.

So, after I got married, when I ate this fry for the first time, it was a different feel, but loved it instantly. Only my parents cannot eat them, we all can eat it.

8 – 10 Arbi - Chamadumpallu
2 tsp Besan - Senagapindi

Pressure cook arbi with salt until just done and not too mushy. Remove it’s skin, cut into big pieces and keep it aside. Sprinkle besan on the pieces and mix well with a fork, till all are nicely coated with besan.

Take 4 tsp of oil in a non-stick pan as arbi tends to stick to stainless steel. Now add the cut arbi pieces and slowly mix them so that the oil is coated evenly. Let it cook on medium flame for a few minutes. Do not disturb it. Turn the pieces and let them cook well. When pieces are nicely roasted add red chili powder and remove from flame.

Serve hot with rotis or rice.


RK said...

Yes this is definitely new but tasty for sure I believe.

Uma. said...

Bro, new cause, we never ate them when we were small! I am sure you can try them now!