2 cups Atta
1/2 cup Milk

Mix the atta, milk and little salt and 2 tsp of oil along with water and make solid dough. Do not use too much water.

Make small lemon size balls. Using dry atta and roll the dough balls into circles using a rolling pin. It can be double folded and using a rolling pin can be made into a circle. By making a fold and rolling chapatti will have layers because of the folds. Turn a plate and spray oil and place them on it till all are done, so they do stick to each other. Or can be placed on tissue paper.

Take a flat base pan (dosa /chapatti pan) and turning back and forth cook the chapati till it is nicely done on both sides adding a tsp of oil accordingly. Chapati cooked without using oil is called a pulka.

Remove and place them on a plate. Transfer to an air tight box is not used immediately.

Chapati tastes good with potato curry, kurma or any kind of dal. Kids love to eat chapatti with sugar or jam.

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