GutiVankaye Kura - Stuffed Brinjal

Slit and stuff brinjals like this.
1 lb Small Purple Brinjals or White Brinjals
½ bunch Coriander
12 – 14 Green Chilies
4 “Ginger
1 tsp jeera

Chop green chilies, ginger and coriander and make a coarse paste with as little water as possible.
Add salt and jeera. Taste the karam to see if everything suits your taste, else it is difficult to modify this dish later. Make changes accordingly or add less karam.

Have the karam ready before slitting brinjals, if left outside for too long brinjal changes color or place them in water till using them.

Wash and slit brinjals leaving ¼ of an inch of the stem, this will keep the brinjal from falling apart. Slit at the top, turn and make another slit on the opposite side. Brinjals with lot of seeds or very thick skin should be discarded from making this. You need tender fresh brinjals.

Use hand or a spoon and stuff the “karam” on both side of the brinjal. (Suit your taste)

Take 4 tsp of oil in a skillet and add one brinjal at a time and arrange them well in the skillet. Cook in low/medium heat so all the brinjals are all cooked evenly. Do not use a stirring ladle to stir/mix it. Use a fork/spoon and move each brinjal individually. Cook with the skillet covered. It will take about 15mins for them to be nicely done. Add oil when the skillet is getting dry.

Test one brinjal to see if it is done or if they are falling apart, it is time to remove from the flame.

Sometimes the karam from the brinjals slips out and collects in the skillet. After removing each brinjal, add some cooked rice to the skillet and a tsp of oil and mix well, serve this to the person who likes to eat karam. It will be very hot/karam.

This is undoubtedly a favorite dish of most Telugu people. I know, I am one among them.

This is a perfect side dish to go with hot rice. Try it to experience an out of world feeling!


Mouli said...

Cool!! Two Thumbs up! This definetly is one of my favourites..

I don't know if I can ever make it myself, but I will definetly try.

Thanks for posting it here..

-- Mouli

Uma. said...

Thank you Mouli. Give it a try, you will.