Mirchi Bajji - Chili Bajji

8 – 10 Green Chilies – Hungarian peppers
2 scoops Besan (Senagapindi)
1/4 scoop Rice flour
1/4 tsp Red Chili powder
1/2 tsp Vammu
Tamarind juice - optional

Slit the chilies just in the middle and remove the seeds from inside leaving the stem intact.

If you do not want the bajji too hot(karam), chilies can be soaked in tamarind juice for 1- 2 hrs before frying. This will make the chili milder, tart of tamarind will compensate for the hot of the chili. Drain the tamarind juice in a strainer and set aside 5 minutes prior to using them.

Mix besan, rice flour and ½ tsp red chili powder and vammu along with salt with water. Batter should have semi solid consistency.

Heat oil in a kadai (I personally prefer a traditional concave shape kadai for maximum usage of space with less oil) and never let the oil be screaming hot! It burns the first batch.

Drop a spoon of hot oil in the mixture; this will make the fried item light. A pinch of cooking or baking soda can also be used.

Pick each chili with the stem, dip thoroughly in the dough, make sure all sides are evenly covered and gently drop in oil. Wait for a few seconds to fry and then keep turning back and forth so it will not burn.

Once they all turn golden yellow, it’s time to remove from the oil. Place them on paper towels so the excess oil is absorbed.

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