Rotti with Idli batter

1 cup Urad dal
1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds
2 cups Cream of rice or "uppidimoram"

Add fenugreek to the urad dal and soak dal and cream of rice separately over night.

Grind urad dal to a smooth batter.

Remove water from the cream of rice and mix the two. Add salt and set aside to ferment for 6 - 8 hrs. Yeast or cooking soda can be added for fermentation.

Pour in a small griddle and add 2 tsp of oil. Let cook it in low flame for 12-15 min for a thick nicely done crust. Flip on the other side and let roast.

The roasted crust is the yummy part. Serve with podi or chutney of choice.

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