2 cups Atta
1/2 cup Milk
Oil to fry

Mix the atta, milk, a pinch of salt and 2 tsp of oil along with water and make solid dough. Do not use too much water.

Make small lemon size balls. Using dry atta and roll the dough balls into circles using a rolling pin. Turn a plate and spray oil and place them on it till all are done, so they do stick to each other. Or can be placed on tissue paper.

Heat oil in a sauce pan and drop each circle of dough from the side. It will at once puff up. Turn to the other side for a few seconds. They can be soft fried or deep fried according to taste. Remove and place them on paper towel so the oil will be absorbed.

Poori tastes good with potato curry or kurma. Kids love to eat puri with sugar or jam.

Poori can be soaked in warm milk, called Pal-poori.

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