Alu Parata

2 cups Atta
1/2 cup Milk
5 Potatoes
½ tsp Coriander-Jeera Powder
2 Green Chilies - Optional

Boil potatoes with salt, peel and mash them without any lumps. Add coriander-jeera powder, red chili powder, chopped green chilies, coriander and make it into balls.

Mix atta, milk and little salt and 2 tsp of oil along with water and make solid dough. Do not use too much water. Can be used immediately or can let sit for a few hours.

Make big lemon size atta balls. Using dry atta, roll the dough balls into circles using a rolling pin. Place one potato ball in the middle and cover it from all the sides (using dry atta) slowly roll using a rolling pin. Do not press hard into the atta, it will make holes. Try rolling from all sides to get an even shape.

Take a flat base pan (dosa /chapatti pan) and turning back and forth cook the parata till it is nicely done on both sides adding a tsp of oil accordingly. Remove when done nicely on both the sides. Dab with butter stick when hot.

Transfer to an air tight box if not used immediately.

Alu Parata does not need a spicy side dish; fresh curd can be used as a side dish.

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